Right decision time. Do we reckon the Mirror should ID whoever gave them the pics of QLR soldiers apparently taking a leak on some poor Iraqi?

I reckon it boils down to whether the paper now genuinely believes they were fakes. If they do - and Saturday's splash implies they did - then they should.

On the other hand, it might be the case that whoever gave them those pesky pics might themselves have believed that they were genuine. In that case, they're not hoaxers but genuine informants.

It's got my quark-addled brain tied up in knots. So vote away. I promise to send the results to Roy Greenslade.

Should the Mirror shop whoever gave them the "vile" pics?


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My so-called rival hacked-off has come up with a brilliant find - the worst named company in the UK....
An amusing vignette from Piersgate. Management tried to take the Mercedes off him - only to find out it was actually his personal property.


Top marks to The Observer for its coverage of l'affaire Morgan. And its headline Investors pressed Bailey to sack Morgan gets to the most important part of all this. Paul Dacre got it too. Which is why he was spotted yelling "FUCKING SHAREHOLDERS" at the top of his voice in the Mail newsroom on Friday night. Suddenly, Richard Desmond doesn't seem so bad, does he?

Haven't seen the Sundays yet. But here's Fleetstreet's exclusive runners-and-riders guide to the Mirror succesion.

Tina Weaver - she's back from maternity leave and made a decent fist of the Sunday Mirror. 2/1
Phil Hall - experienced and already working for Trinity-Mirror. But can he face the daily grind? 3/1
Andy Coulson - a young Turk who's shown he can cut the mustard at the Screws. But is his CV too much like Piers'? 5/1
Des Kelly - who ever hired a number two who was a threat? 10/1
Eugene Duffy - safe pair of hands, what he doesn't know about the Mirror isn't worth knowing. 12/1
Alastair Campbell - too busy doing his disburbingly Alan Partridge-esque "roadshow" in various Cumbria leisure centres amid the sound of flapping white coats. 1,000,000/1

Piers' last words to the staff? "Don't worry. It won't be Des."

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