Here's the skinny on the William photos: It was all his idea. He saw the snappers and - in effect - posed himself up.
Not only has the second in line inherited his looks from his mum, it also seems he's inherited her bizarre wish to be her own spin doctor. The Palace then went along with his wish.
Now I know all dim Sloanes believe they are natural PRs - just look at the staff at most London agencies for examples of thick richkids who would be laughed out of any other workplace.
But there's a big difference between "masterminding" the launch of a Chelsea wine bar and attempting to manage what will be among the biggest tabloid stories of the next few years.
Just like his Dad needed Fawcett to hold a specimen bottle as he gave a urine test, Wills needs a professional who knows how these things work to negotiate the forthcoming minefield.
PS - the proof that the Palace gave The Sun the nod to publish the pics is underlined by the punishment they've been given - being excluded from royal photoshoots. All they'll have to do is send an agency to cover those events or take PA pictures. It's a joke, in other words.


White-faced fury across Fleet Street this morning after the pics of Williams a-huggin' and a-kissin' his Sloane girlfriend on the slopes of Klosters.
Why the fury? Well - it's impossible to imagine that The Sun would have stuck its neck out without some sort of say-so of approval from Clarence House. And when nightdesks tried to check the story when the first editions dropped last night, the duty royal press officer - Paddy "I'm honest and straightforward" Harverson - had turned his mobile off.
It all adds up to Clarence House giving one paper a huge competitive advantage. What a stupid game to play. Open season has now been declared on the Kate girl, which won't be a pretty sight, and Charles and Clarence House won't have a leg to stand on if they to protest.


Click here to see the tabloid version. Click here to read a really boring account of what it all means.
Fleet Street is like a shark sensing blood in the water with Beverley Hughes tonight. Each time the story looks to be over, it returns with her seeming even more mendacious. Rightly or wrongly, her department looks like a complete shambles.
More worryingly, for Blair, he is said to have staked his personal authority on her staying. Which makes him look like Major at his worst. The temptation to take him on is just too much for editors to ignore. Even the Mirror got in on the act this morning and they never do asylum/migration stories because execs believe that their readers are instinctively xenophobic and they don't want to reflect that fact.
She'll probably be gone soon - as will a chunk of Blair's political capital.
Wicked whisper: which former Fleet Street editor's silhouette could be clearly made out in the pictures of Sven Goran Ericksson visiting Chelsea chief exec Peter Kenyon run in The Sun on Saturday?
The poor chap's been forced the deny the untrue rumour that it was him wot leaked it.

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