Has the Mirror gone stark raving mad? That was the obvious impression gleaned from Friday's paper. Either that or Piers had once again left things to his unglamorous assistant Des.
A lot of money was spent on buying up Gitmo nutcase Jamal Whatshisname. But to run it to page nine or whatever? And just do a spread and a half on Madrid somewhere deep in the book. Potty.
AND they they wiped out the first edition splash on his difficult-to-believe-and-anyway-downright-unsavoury-when-spreading-strawberry-jam-on-your-breakfast-toast claims about the US military ordering hookers to daub themselves with menstrual blood.
So then they splash it this morning (sat) by which time all the other tabs have decided they've done their public service duty and it's time to move on to stories that will sell.
Okay, they reckoned there might be other buy-ups in the offing and they needed to get in before Jamal Al-Looneytunes told all to Sir Trevor McDoughnut.
But not to put it on the front? Baffling.

No dummies, no market research, no funding - no chance of getting a decent readership. Just like Stephen Glover's vanity paper, then...

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