Haven't seen the Sundays yet. But here's Fleetstreet's exclusive runners-and-riders guide to the Mirror succesion.

Tina Weaver - she's back from maternity leave and made a decent fist of the Sunday Mirror. 2/1
Phil Hall - experienced and already working for Trinity-Mirror. But can he face the daily grind? 3/1
Andy Coulson - a young Turk who's shown he can cut the mustard at the Screws. But is his CV too much like Piers'? 5/1
Des Kelly - who ever hired a number two who was a threat? 10/1
Eugene Duffy - safe pair of hands, what he doesn't know about the Mirror isn't worth knowing. 12/1
Alastair Campbell - too busy doing his disburbingly Alan Partridge-esque "roadshow" in various Cumbria leisure centres amid the sound of flapping white coats. 1,000,000/1

Piers' last words to the staff? "Don't worry. It won't be Des."

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