Here's the skinny on the William photos: It was all his idea. He saw the snappers and - in effect - posed himself up.
Not only has the second in line inherited his looks from his mum, it also seems he's inherited her bizarre wish to be her own spin doctor. The Palace then went along with his wish.
Now I know all dim Sloanes believe they are natural PRs - just look at the staff at most London agencies for examples of thick richkids who would be laughed out of any other workplace.
But there's a big difference between "masterminding" the launch of a Chelsea wine bar and attempting to manage what will be among the biggest tabloid stories of the next few years.
Just like his Dad needed Fawcett to hold a specimen bottle as he gave a urine test, Wills needs a professional who knows how these things work to negotiate the forthcoming minefield.
PS - the proof that the Palace gave The Sun the nod to publish the pics is underlined by the punishment they've been given - being excluded from royal photoshoots. All they'll have to do is send an agency to cover those events or take PA pictures. It's a joke, in other words.

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