Very, very bad news indeed. From what I gather, Gorgeous George has settled for about £90,000 - plus costs - from the CSM. It's difficult to know where the Telegraph goes from here. Their defence against Galloway's similar libel claim against them is likely to be that they believed the documents they based the story on to be authentic.
(The authors of Crooked Timber - who seem to have less personal experience of getting sued than me and are so a great deal less circumspect - have left this informative post on their site).
But as any Fleet Street habitue could tell you, believing your story is true is an almost-certainly hopeless defence under this country's absurd libel laws.
You have to wonder if the fact no one is in charge at the Telegraph at the moment - thanks to Black's epic fall from grace - means no one can authorise a settlement. So it might still come to court. Here's hoping it does, justice prevails and Galloway gets spanked.
In the meantime, answers to the usual address as to what you think Galloway should/will spend the hundreds of thousands he has coming his way on. Here are my guesses; 1) lots and lots of hoummous 2) Getting that life-size statue of Saddam updated to feature the old bastard's "hiding in a hole" look 3) himself.

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