Of course your host wasn't at the British press awards last night - my name was unaccountably left off the nominations for "Best travel puff piece knocked out in 45 minutes after the PR agency threatened to send a bill for the free fortnight in Antigua that they were promised would get a spread".
I think Bronwen Maddox picked up that gong - again.
Interesting that the Indie won paper of the year. What they did in switching from broadsheet to tabloid was brave and deserved recognition - even if there was no other place for the paper to go other than closure. But it overlooks one key point - it's still not a very good paper.
It's more expensive than The Times but count the number of news pages - there are twice as many in the Murdoch paper.
The Indie feels thin, it hasn't worked out how to use pics in the new format and it looks grey.
There will be a few really good pieces every day - but the rest of it reads like Metro. Except for Robert Fisk's stuff which reads like the rantings of a ********. Which they are.

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