By now they'll all be going loco down in Acapulco - or is it Cancun? - at the Newscorp/News International shindig. Yet again, that blasted Bronwen Maddox has snatched the glittering prize and taken my rightful place around the pool sipping daiquiris.
There is a silver lining. The stated dress code - smart casual, resort casual and casual - would have left me a jibbering wreck trying to work what heading loafers came under.
The big story here is that Tory party leader Michael Howard has gone to pay homage at the court of King Rupert. What to make of this? Is The Sun about to ditch Labour and go back to being a Tory paper?
I'd say that it's never been a Labour paper - it's been a Blair paper.
I think people over-play the role ideology or politics played in this. The Sun backed Labour in 97 and 01 because its readers were going to - and every wise newspaper editor/proprietor is constantly trying to slavishly follow what his readers think.
If those readers are now considering going Tory, then the paper has to toy with the notion too. It's business.

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