Anyone who enjoys graphic examples of The Guardian and its readers' attitude of craven indulgence to Muslim fundy-types will relish this.

It turns out a Muslim newsagent in Manchester has taken to cutting chunks out of the paper which offend his mediaeval sensibilities.

As the paper puts it

Staff in a newsagent's shop in the centre of Manchester explained yesterday why they felt they had to snip a section from a five-column colour picture on the front page of Tuesday's Guardian.
The 14 customers who bought the paper were said to have been surprised to find a 10cm (4in) square hole just above the fold.
None complained once staff explained their anxieties about the picture, which showed a dagger held in front of a copy of the Koran.
Seed, manager of M and I Newsagents in Deansgate, said he was worried that copies of the paper would be thrown away in the street or dumped in bins, a fate that would not be respectful to the holy book of Islam.

But the reader - naturally, a human rights QC (top lawyer, American pals), John Rowe - who noticed it is far from pissed off. As the deluded sap comments:

"I raced back to the shop and asked 'What have you done here?' and was told 'I have done it to all of them'.
"We parted amicably and I quite enjoyed being tolerant."

Next week, the Guardian reader "who quite enjoyed being tolerant" when Muslims burnt books, said America was asking for it on 9/11 and got anyone remotely critical of religious fundamentalism sacked from the BBC. Grrrrrrrr.....

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